3 Easily Overlooked Features Without Which the HP Ultrium LTO 5 Would Be Completely Useless

When considering suitability and usefulness of the LTO Ultrium storage media, or any other device, you must assess the specific needs of the organization or individual using it. This means that a device might have varied perceived uses and multiple features, but it would still be completely useless to a particular organization or individual if it lacks certain specific aspects.

In this regard, there are 3 aspects of the HP Ultrium LTO 5 which might seem less important, but without which the storage media would be completely useless to certain organizations.

1.Security of Data

An organization would always consider security features when seeking the appropriate data storage media for their highly sensitive information. In such an instance, it wouldn’t matter how great the storage capacity is in a device; rather, it must be as secure as possible.

Fortunately, creation of permanent, compliant and tamperproof archives is possible with LTO Ultrium WORM cartridges. This feature has been inherent in LTO technology since the third generation. Furthermore, unauthorized data access can be conveniently prevented through the in-built secure AES-256 encryption found in all LTO cartridges, since the fourth generation. Such encryption complies with the strictest industry regulations.

Virtually, all regulatory bodies recommend the encryption of data for security purposes. Indeed, the Australian Information Commissioner recommends encryption in backups, servers and databases that store personal information.

2.Ease and Flexibility

In this fast-paced digital age, speed and agility are aspects of critical importance. It would hardly make sense for anyone to spend hours trying to manipulate a data storage system when he/she could easily do it in minutes or even seconds. That’s why, for any data storage media to be successful it must be complemented by an easy and highly flexible system.

The good news is that the LTO Ultrium Linear Tape File System is an indispensible feature in LTO-5. If you consider USB drives as offering the standard of ease, flexibility, intuitiveness and portability, then the LTFS easily matches this standard.


3.Standardized Technology

It’s not likely that an organization or individual would just stick to one supplier. You’re more likely to purchase data storage media from different vendors, based on the additional features that each has to offer. Even then, you really don’t want to completely overhaul your data management system every time you do so; hence, the need for standardized technology.

Not only does LTO offer device compatibility across different vendors, but this also applies across product generations. This means that you should not have any worries concerning incompatibility with your tape drives if you’re upgrading from LTO 4 to LTO 5. When buying, you also have the option between Custom and Non-Custom Labelled, as well as non-labelled versions. You would also find DFID options included in Custom and Non Custom cartridges, a feature that was initiated in the fourth generation LTO.

The aspect of standardized technology is a great advantage to LTO users, since they are able to benefit from greater advanced technological features without unnecessarily increased space consumption or overheads on IT resources. Without such additional costs, users are able to comfortably enjoy such features as AES 256-bit encryption (you’ll recognize this from the label IEEE1619.1) and WORM media or interchangeable RW.