Benefits Of RDX Removable Disk Backup System

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) rarely have the IT expertise and adequate time to implement a disaster recovery strategy or a comprehensive backup solution for their data backup needs. Consequently, most of them run the risk of jeopardizing their business operations. Generally, tape drives have been too slow and quite expensive for many small businesses and/or one-man bands. This is one of the reasons you should consider using RDX hard disks instead.Here are some reasons why you need an RDX hard disk system.

1. It’s The Most Viable Data Backup Option

These days, RDX hard disks are the most affordable and capacious storage devices, hence making them a feasible option for recovery and low-end backup duties. In fact, RDX is a fantastic removable disk-based technology for archive applications and data backup. It combines all the tape technology features with great benefits of hard disks. If you’re looking for very simple, reliable, and fast backup for your small servers and/or workstations, HPRDX is the best removable disk backup system for your specific needs.

2. It’sFast And Flexible

With RDX technology, you can restore your critical files and back up your data at 650GB/hr through USB 3.0. With this system, you can also take less than 5 hours to backup to 1TB of data, something that could take several weeks to do the same with a cloud provider – even if you’re using the most reliable and fastest WiFi or broadband connection. The capacity of these disks usually ranges from 320GB to 1TB, giving enough storage space for every size of your workstation or server.

3. It’s A Smart Investment And Affordable

HP RDX products are also a good investment because they protect your long term investment with complete forwards and backward compatibility. This means that your hardware can seamlessly work with higher capacity RDX cartridges. Additionally, RDX disk has a lower ownership cost than other tape technologies. Its cartridges also cost more upfront compared to other technologies but offer longer life cycles and higher capacities that make it more affordable in the long run.

4. It Just Works

Backup occurs in the background automatically using scheduled routines or HP CDP software. For instance, you can drag-and-drop files through Mac or Windows OS X Finder. This system generally backs up all your applications and operating system. You can’t remove cartridges while the backup is running, hence eliminating human errors. You can also rotate media and run a local backup without specialist training or skills.

5. It’sVery Durable And Offers Rugged Services

Unlike DAT tapes with a usage life of 50 loads/unload insertions; RDX hard disk has a usage life of up to 5,000. This allows users to safely move their data offsite for transfer or disaster recovery. Its enhanced design also makes it static and dust proof. It comes with a sealed interface so debris and dust can’t easily get in.

In a nutshell, an RDX disk contains internal buffers specifically designed to protect against any kind of harsh treatment, making it virtually indestructible. It has also been proved to meet the specific needs of a single-server business. In fact, there are many small and medium-sized businesses using it these days. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase a new hardware with higher storage capacity to increase your data storage space. Businesses that generate huge amounts of data can use it to transfer data to the right place.